Factory reset Proscan PLT7223G Android Tablet

Having a need to factory reset my Proscan tablet, I noticed that, unlike the majority of Android phones I have owned, there is no ‘up’ or ‘down’ volume controls with which to enter the boot loader in order to perform this reset.  Here is how I reset mine.  This may also work with other models, but use at your own risk.


You will need: A paperclip.

Open out the paperclip.  Locate the small reset hole (see photo).  Note that this is not the labeled ‘reset’ button on the back of the tablet.  Tablet should be off (and at least 50% charged) at this point.

2013-12-24 21.32.14

Paperclip will be used in smallest hole, next to USB connector.  Credit: zolygon.com

The paperclip is used to activate the reset button in this small hole; You will hear and feel a click of the inside button, in less than 15mm of insertion.  Do not force unduly!

1. Insert paperclip, until you hear the click of the button.  Keep paperclip inserted, and press and hold the black power button.

2. In about 10 seconds the blue PROSCAN screen will appear.  Continue to keep black power button held, and release paperclip.

3. A few seconds later you will see an Android ‘guy’ lying on his back with belly open, and a red triangle (with !) symbol hovering above his belly.  Release power button.  This means we are on the verge of being able to break things.  Note that after a minute or so, if no further action is taken, the tablet will shut down, and then be restarted normally.

4. Press and hold power button.  Insert and remove paperclip.  You will see a screen titled Android system recovery.  (Note that repeated insertion of the paper clip will alternate the display of the Recovery menu).   Release power button.

2013-12-24 21.30.06

5. Use paperclip to scroll down the list of options.  To reset the tablet, select wipe data/factory reset.  Press power button to make the selection.  (If you go past the desired option, keep on clicking, as the selection will scroll back to the top once at the bottom).

6. Once reset has been selected, you are now at the final chance to back out or commit.  All the menu items, except for one are labeled No.  To commit to the reset, select Yes – delete all user data and then press power button.

2013-12-24 21.30.24

7. The wiping process starts, and after a few seconds will complete.

8. Menu selection reboot system now should be highlighted.  Press power button to select.

You now have a fresh, clean tablet.  Enjoy.

  1. I can get to the android guy, but I can’t for the life of me bring up the recovery menu. I’ve tried several sets of instructions, but the menu won’t come up.

    • I tried it again, and changed the directions:

      4. Press and hold power button. Insert and remove paperclip. You will see a screen titled Android system recovery. (Note that repeated insertion of the paper clip will alternate the display of the Recovery menu). Release power button.

      • Yea! This way–the hold power button, insert and remove paper clip when the blue screen is on finally worked to reset this tablet. I am so happy. I have tried at least ten other sites and steps and none worked. Thank you! My daughter is VERY happy!

      • Please help me. My tablet is not accepting my password for my email. And my son put a password on it. Ive tried the paper clip reset and I cant seem to get the android guy to come up. . Im about ready to throw it in the street!

      • I can bring up the android man with his bell y open but I can’t get to the recovery screen n I use the power n volume down bottom to bring him up

          • The method that worked for me was a combination of several procedures. A video on U-toob showed a guy holding ALL buttons down…power, back,and both volume…at the same time…then inserting rest pin. Put the tablet on edge on your knees, and you can use the fingers and thumb from your left hand for the buttons. Then bump the reset, continue holding ALL the buttons till PROSCAN comes up. Release all buttons and in a few seconds the dead Bot will appear. USe either the power and back, or power and volume up a couple of times…and the selection menu will appear. Follow the other instructions as the other people have said from that point.

      • Omg. I watched a YouTube video with different, yet similar instructions and I could NOT get passed the dead android. Then I found your instructions and the first try it was finally there! Thanks so much!

  2. Great info! I’m fixing this model for my mother, hers only shows the screen image for less than 2 secs then disappears (so I have to turn it off then back on again to get another almost 2 secs to unlock/ hard reset/ adjust settings… you name it).
    I was wondering if you might have had a solution to that problem? If not, since your instructions have no pics, maybe you could help with telling me #1 – how many paperclip clicks to “select wipe data/factory reset” from your step 5
    and then #2 – how many paperclip clicks to “select Yes – delete all user data” from your step 6? (since I’m essentially doing this in the dark and the power button I would use for a second of light would choose an option I might not want it to)
    Any help would be much appreciated

  3. I am trying to reset this for my 9 year old great niece. She set up a password & doesn’t remember what it is. I have done and redone and redone all the steps. I only get the Android guy on his back with the red triangle and ! symbol. It will not bring up screen titled Android system recovery. she has the exact same model PLT7223G. Do you have any other solutions?

    • Suezie, once I see the Android ‘guy’ and had released the power button and paperclip, I press the power button, and as the paperclip pushes the button in the small hole, the Android system recovery menu is shown. If you happen to double-click on the button with the paperclip, then the display shows just the Android ‘guy’ (the paperclip button switches between ‘guy’ and Android recovery).

        • I have the same model. If u press the power and volume down button together and hold them it will bring you to recovery mode.
          You may have to press and hold thwm a few times.
          use the volume button to go down to factory reset and then press the power button to select.

  4. Hey, you added great pics! Unfortunately this method did not fix the problem. It successfully boots to a welcome/ setup screen but as I mentioned in the previous post, I still have to turn the power button off then on again to get a quick second of light to see it before the screen goes black. I will be returning this item to the store since it is obviously buggy. Great work and thanks again for all your help. Good luck to everyone else having issues.

  5. Writing isn’t as easy as some people think. You have it all together in this article. Your points are well-defined, unique and persuasive. You’ve influenced my thoughts on this subject.

  6. I am having the same issue as Suezie 🙁 I can get the Android guy but no recovery menu 🙁 My 11yr old son did this to his, he’s been unable to use it since Christmas when he got it 🙁 Any other ideas on how to fix?

    • Jackie, for me it took a while until I figured out that I had to remove my finger and the paper clip once the Android guy showed up, and then (as described) to get to the next menu, so you may want to try the process again and not give up (okay, I imagine you have been trying this for ten days or so!) Some other comments on the askmefast.com site show that some people have had luck. My tablet is distributed by Curtis, and there is some contact info on this site: http://www.curtisint.com/about/contact-Us.asp

  7. Administrator, thank you very much for this useful information. It took me about 15 minutes to figure it out. With the android ‘Guy’ on screen. Press and hold the power button for approximately 5 seconds, then press the reset button (once) again. The menu should appear. Use the reset button to scroll through the menu. Hope this helps someone!!!

    • it is not working – little guy must love laying on his back on mine. Ready to put this thing in the middle of road and watch it explode……. when it does come back on it is looking for a password. I really need help.

  8. none of this seems to work for me. hole you picture doesn’t seem to work I have a reset botton and that only turns it off. I have called them and they said their was something on the website to download but their was nothing, they also said I could send it to them to restore. but I need my tablet for school

  9. i follow the instructions and yes it worked.. i did have to try it twice but the outcome was excellent!!! my son locked his tablet and it have been locked for a month.. i tried to log in his google account, gmail account, and his yahoo account and didnt nothing work so i had to google how to reset his tablet n it showed me these steps… so i wanna thank you cause now he can enjoy himself…

  10. Thank you. Just walked my elderly mother through the steps and she has her beloved tablet back after days of frustration, phone calls, and downloads. This worked! Thank you.

  11. Hi, I tried to do all the steps for my 5 year old son, who put on a pass word and does not remember the pass word. When I put the paperclip in the smallest whole and push the power button, the tablet will not turn on. When I remove the paperclip, it then turns on. What should I do?

  12. my father in law hard reset his Proscan PLT77777G-Q tablet but turned it off before it finished now it wont bring up the hard reset option or go past the android screen is there a way to fix it?

  13. Hello, the power button is real weak mine fell off and now the tablet won’t come on… is there anyway to turn on the tablet? please let me know…

  14. none of this seems to work for me. When I get to the point that I have to hold the power button and then press the reset botton to get the system recovery menu it only turns it off. I have called them and they said to go to the website http://www.curtisint.com and download the firmware for my model PLT8816K. Then to transfer to the tablet and this should unlock it. I have tried this and nothing. It’s still locked. Don’t know what else to do.

  15. Kevin Dean I have the same model as your father in law.PLT7777G-Q, do you know how he did the hard reset? I’ve tried everything and can’t figure it out for the life of me.please please please help me out.

  16. thank you so much. my 8yr old decided to be “smart” & “dot lock” it so mama couldn’t view. i ended up locking myself out to the point of email & password but because she had the wi-fi turned off, it wouldn’t work. this worked! again, thank you! *now time to go hide this tablet til she EARNS it BIG TIME*

  17. I can’t get mine to boot up. It gets stuck on the screen that says Android, and never boots up. I tried the system reset but I still just keep getting stuck on this screen. Any suggestions?

  18. I have this Proscan PTL72223G. Was working fine then blacked out for no reason. I can get blue screen to flash up for about a sec, but cannot be the Android to appear so that I can delete everything and start over. I have followed what seemed like great directions, but nothing works for me. Can you help me get past the 1-second blue screen and get to the android? Thanks

  19. I have tried and tried. I am sorry, but Curtis International is a ghastly example of a company. I called them 3 times and they won’t help. They also will not reveal the name of their Company President. I wish he could see the problems that everyday people are having with the tablet he represents. Sad–Sad–Sad. Next time I will buy from someone else

  20. My Proscan PTL72223G has a keyboard. Is there a way to use the keyboard to get the android to appear and help me get to the option delete everything and start over? I need help bad. All my stuff is on the tablet. Thanks

  21. Since christmas i bought four plt7777g q proscan tablets everyone of them failed after about a month of use would just hang on andriod screen. Curtis who supplies them suck there 800 number sucks to. This product is crap. And will be contacting bbb now the last of the four tablets is hanging at androud screen what a real shit tablet.

  22. Since christmas i bought four plt7777g q proscan tablets everyone of them failed after about a month of use would just hang on andriod screen. Curtis who supplies them suck there 800 number sucks to. This product is crap. And will be contacting bbb now the last of the four tablets is hanging at androud screen what a real crap tablet thanks for the headaches…

  23. Good Morning I have been reading your problem solving on a frozen Proscan Android, I have tried it several times however…. my little android man has never laid down … lol, he is a large guy and just stands there then it switches to ANDROID with a beam passing over and it will not continue. Am I doing something wrong?

  24. Having the same problem as kelly lyons. the small hole next to the usb does nothing. I put a paper clip into the hole and nothing works. Also the layout of the usb and ports are different on mine vs the picture posted. Help

    • Yeah me too. Small hole next to USB port is for the microphone. Sticking a paper clip in there will destroy the mike. And logically why would the mfr. have two reset ports anyway. Admin should explain that.

  25. im having so many issues with my tablet android proscan PLT1066GBT i tried holding the volume down along with the power button i also pushed the reset button and cutting on the tablet but its been stuck on my android screen and hasnt done anything my screen is just black and it says android..idk what else to do? ): I NEED MY TABLET

  26. my plt7777g q proscan tablet has the reset on the back the small hole next to the usb is marked microphone but no connector there — I took the tablet apart just to make sure.To date I have been unable to reset the tablet using the combo of the power button and reset button on the back

  27. Hey dont know if you can solve my problem but my tablet doesnt want to even turn on I thought this would help but I can’t get it to do anything do you have any suggestions?

  28. Hi, I have a named AOC tablet here in MEXICO it’s a generic brand, but at the end it’s a CHINESE “thing”, so it’s simillar to the described here, only with the diference that the RESET button is in the back of the tablet…. similar proces, just in the RECOVERY menu I used a KEYBOARD connected to the tablet before all, to be able and NAVIGATE in the recovery menu and select the desire… so i hope it will help to someone who have problems navigating in the recovery menus (I click the reset and the tablet shutdown again) sorry for my bad english 😛

  29. I can get the Android guy to come up and thats it period. Have tried every other thing said over and over. Never get the boot screen. Been trying for 3 MONTHS!!

  30. I can get to the android guy, but I can’t for the life of me bring up the recovery menu. I’ve tried several sets of instructions, but the menu won’t come up.

  31. my tablet stays on the system recovery, i reset tablet, reboot, but it still goes back to that screen. I’m not sure what’s wrong. please help!

  32. I am on the android guy and stuck I have repeated it so many times and nothing. What else can I do my ding dong sister premitly locked and I am trying to get it off the lock. I need help. Please help.

  33. Tablet PLT7223GK6-B
    1. Power off the Tablet.
    2. Press and hold the Volume Down button of the device, then a press and hold the Power button.
    3- when you leave proscan logo, you can release the botton
    4- leaving snowman Android, Press and hold the Volume up button, then Press and hold the power button.
    Until you see the menu.
    up / down- escojen the option to make
    power button- the selecionan

    5- Wipe Data / Factory Reset
    6- Reboot System now

  34. I.can get to the Android guy but the recovery screen will not pop up and no matter how many times I punched in the wrong password google reset won’t.come up

  35. I am also having the blackout issue and if I double press power after 1St blackout again 2sec it will come on and display lockscreen but as soon as I touch it blacksout again

  36. My daughter lock her tablet and can’t remember the patern I tried the option you give but nothing come up an the screen for more than a minute holding the power button and the reset button with the paper clip can u help please

  37. have tried all of the steps, all of the clicks, holding the paperclip and the power button – but nothing works. when I hold the clip in the reset and hold the power button, nothing happens. have held for 5 minutes, but never get the blue screen. when I take the clip out, I just get to the sign on screen where it’s asking for the password that has been forgotten.

  38. I was given the tablet when their grandson couldn’t get the password right. I used these instructions about 4 months ago and got it on 2nd try. You are a great instructor. Last night it was charging and just went black. Now it’s not doing anything. Any suggestions? I am technology stupid. ( I still carry an 8 year old Samsung flip phone. Lol) I need help from someone that can instruct. I really need your help. Please. My 7 yr old is using the keyboard to learn to type. I don’t want him to lose interest in it.

  39. Also if you are not able to help could you please let me know. I know not all of us are going to able to fix the problems but I will wait for a reply before I tell my son if it can be fixed.

  40. My aunt gave me a proscan tablet because she couldn’t figure out how to fix it. I tried this and it worked like a charm! Thanks for the great tutorial now I have a free tablet!

  41. For my Proscan PLT9649G, I had to hold down PWR+ESC buttons and then press and release the Reset button while continuing to hold PWR+ESC until eventually the little robot appeared. Then used ESC button to scroll down list and PWR to select. All other steps worked to reset to factory defaults.

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